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Orestes Manuel Isidro dos Santos . Arte em Madeira
Wood Sculptures / Restoration

The Art of Orestes Manuel Isidro dos Santos

Born in 1959 in Gondomar and from a family where the art of carving was the greatest exponent, Orestes Manuel Isidro dos Santos, with a Bachelors Degree in Teaching Technological Education, a teacher of Basic and Secondary Education, acquired his basic education in the Industrial and Commercial School of Gondomar, and then the complement in the Industrial School Infante D. Henrique.

However, it is with his father, Cosme Ferreira dos Santos, an accomplished artist in this trade, with works scattered around the world, that he receives his initial formation, which transmitted his basic knowledge / knowledge to his sons.

Currently teaches the discipline of Technological Education in the Secondary School of Gondomar, where he has also taught young people the art of restoration.

His art of woodworking embraces various techniques and materials. The owner of a peculiar sensitivity and an excellent technicality inherited from his father, Orestes Santos, throughout his existence he executed several works with the collaboration of his father, who worked the wood turning it into true works of art.

Nowadays, like his father, he inserts in his work the perfectionism allied to art, giving rise to carving works such as boxes, frames, corbels, columns, appliques, etc. These works exist in several private houses, having, nevertheless some in their possession, being these unique pieces created and executed by itself.

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Message from Pedro Vieira Alves in Tribute to Mr. Cosme

An eternal thanks to Mr. Cosme, for his teachings of his art of carving, for our friendship and as the text of St. Augustine says,"What we were to each other still are."

Eternally grateful.
Pedro Vieira Alves.


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