Brand Philosophy


At IMPERIO DA ARTE we believe that responsible business practices and our ambition to offer high quality and affordable jewelry go hand in hand. Our mission is to offer our customers the opportunity to express themselves in a unique and exclusive way with our jewels.


Our manufacturing facilities in Gondomar provide safe working conditions to our people engaged in crafting our jewellery. With the community, we have the ambition, in the near future, to support and help social institutions and social events.


  • Integrity – with no discrepancy between what we say and do, we defend what we believe;
  • Respect – we honor diversity;
  • Communication – we cherish listen and constructively dialogue with our customers, suppliers and employees;
  • Team Work – we admit that success is the result of a joint commitment where sharing is essential;
  • Professionalism – we admire those who are responsible for giving their best towards the success of all.


As we described in our brand concept, IMPÉRIO DA ARTE aims to expose a unique concept of jewelry that transports the history of civilizations to the design, modeling and molding of precious metals. That is why we are committed to developing and manufacturing jewelry responsibly, working to minimize our environmental impact on the planet. We recognize that jewelry making has an impact on the environment. We work to minimize this ecological footprint. In addition, we carry out the recycling of waste from the production process.

If our concept is to bring to the making of jewelry the history of civilizations makes the whole sense that we want to contribute to a more sustainable planet.


All IMPERIO DA ARTE products are identified the graduations present on silver objects: 925 etc, for example, that indicate the degree of purity of the material. The higher the graduation number, the greater its purity. The silver in its pure state has 999 or 1000 content. Every object in sterling silver is identified from recordings with numbers. From 80% purity, silver is called a law, an expression that originates in a Portuguese law of the fifteenth century, promulgated in an attempt to regulate the manufacture of silver.


We work closely with our suppliers to ensure their business activities comply with our ethical standards within human and labour rights, safe working conditions and environmental impact, as well as fair and honest business practices. In addition to work on the resolution of problems and issues that have been identified, we also undertake to implement and manage in practice the ethical principles that we defend, as well as we disseminate our principles to our employees, customers, suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders, asking them the same degree of commitment to our values.


IMPÉRIO DA ARTE, aims to expose a unique jewelery concept that carries the history of civilizations to handcrafted design, modeling and shaping precious metals. Unique pieces whose creator passion is easily memorized, remembered and recognized. Thus, “if one of art's purposes is to convey sensations, IMPÉRIO DA ARTE will be able to fulfil it with maximum excellence.